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The Redemption of Scrooge

the-redemption-of-scrooge-1As we move into the second week of Advent, our elves at Central Church have been busy decorating the Parlor with Christmas trees to match the theme of our current short-term Sunday School study, “The Redemption of Scrooge”, based upon Charles Dickens’ classic novel “A Christmas Carol”.

“A Christmas Carol” is a story of brokenness and redemption.  The beginning is dark – the book opens with, “Marley was dead.”  Scrooge begins the story as an unrepentant miser whose greed has caused harm to himself and others, and ends with him a changed – a redeemed – man.

"The Tree of Christmas Past"

“The Tree of Christmas Past”

Just as Christ brings light and hope to a world in darkness, the events of A Christmas Carol shine light into the darkness surrounding Scrooge’s life, ultimately leading him to embrace the peace, hope, love, and joy that we associate with Christmas.

Our study is looking at the four main parts of A Christmas Carol the opening and visit of Marley’s ghost, the visit of the Ghost of Christmas Past, the visit of the Christ of Christmas Present, and the visit of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

"The Tree of Christmas Present"

“The Tree of Christmas Present”

In our study, we are exploring how we can draw from the past, present and future, important truths about brokenness and redemption and the Advent themes of peace, hope, love, and joy.

Take a moment when you’re at the Church to examine the three Christmas trees in our Parlor: the Tree of Christmas Past, the Tree of Christmas Present, and the Tree of Christmas Yet to Come. 

"The Tree of Christmas Yet to Come"

“The Tree of Christmas Yet to Come”

As we walk with Christ, we discover the divine all around us, and, in turn, the world invites us into a deeper picture of its Creator.

Join us this Advent as we continue our exploration of A Christmas Carol and discover how God is working in and through us and in the world around us to tell God’s great story of redemption!



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