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New Advent Small Group Study – The Redemption of Scrooge

the-redemption-of-scrooge-1What comes to mind when you think of Christmas?

Maybe it’s a tree decorated with ornaments, or oversized socks hanging from the mantle?  Maybe you’ve recently come from Bible study, so you picture a child wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger?

One of the first things that comes to many minds when thinking about Christmas is the carols.  Interestingly, few of these songs are new.  Many of the most popular songs of the season are about 200 years old or older!  There’s something about Christmas carols that transcends generational divides and connects us all.

Charles Dickens’ class story A Christmas Carol was originally titled A Christmas Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost Story of Christmas – a curious title tothe-redemption-of-scrooge-3 say the least.  A Christmas Carol is a timeless story, not only because we hear about Scrooge’s past, present, and future, but because generations have told and retold this story.  Everyone knows what it means to be called a Scrooge, and poor little Tiny Tim still has the ability to pull on our heartstrings.  For over a hundred years now, A Christmas Carol has been a part of our pop culture.

Sometimes it’s easy to see God in the midst of culture – in the stories of Scripture and in reverent hymns.  But other times the divine is more veiled – hidden in a novel, concealed in classic rock, obscured by an impressionist’s palate.

This Sunday at 10 am and continuing through December 20, Central Church will explore Dickens’ A Christmas Carol as part of this year’s short-term Advent study as a way to examine questions and issues of the Christian faith.  Our hope and prayer is that the study will open our eyes to the spiritual truths that exist all around us in books, movies, music, and television.

As we walk with Christ, we discover the divine all around us, and, in turn, the world invites us into a deeper picture of its Creator.  Through this lens of God’s redemption story, we are invited to look at culture in a new and inviting way.  We are invited to dive into the realms of literature, art, and entertainment to explore and discover how God is working in and through us and in the world around us to tell His great story of redemption.  And if Scrooge can be redeemed, then so can we!

Please join us at 10 am at Central Church over the next five Sundays as we seek to take a look at the Christmas season through fresh eyes!





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