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The Genuine Article – Second Guessing the Ref

christian-humilityStephen Altrogge is a pastoral intern at Sovereign Grace Church of Indiana, Pennsylvania, where he heads up the college ministry and leads worship.

He has written several worship songs for musical projects produced by Sovereign Grace Ministries.

Stephen enjoys playing and watching sports and is borderline fanatical over the Pittsburgh Steelers. He and his wife have one daughter.

What He Said … Second Guessing the Ref

A proud athlete is quick to disagree with questionable calls made by the referee. He feels he’s the final authority on what really took place on the playing field and doesn’t hesitate to voice (usually very loudly) his opinion to the official.

But I’ve also often found myself quietly, and pridefully, disagreeing with a call. I may not be shouting or talking back to the ref, but my quiet disagreement is just as sinful. In my pride I believe that I alone saw the play correctly and that anyone who disagrees is a fool. In reality, I’m the fool.

If I were humble I’d realize that my perspective is limited and that I could easily be wrong. To believe that I’m always right is not only arrogant, it’s absurd. I’d also understand that referees make mistakes, just like I do. God has forgiven me of far more than a simple officiating mistake.

The humble athlete refuses to argue with the referees. I can honor God by overlooking their relatively insignificant mistakes.

Adapted from Game Day for the Glory of God (Crossway, 2008)

Prayer for the Week:  Shape me, Lord, into a genuine Christ-follower: confident and secure but not self-promoting or arrogant; unassuming but no pushover.



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