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Culture Can Be Redeemed – Proactive Culture Changer

holy-livingKey Bible Verse: Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Philippians 4:8

Bonus Reading: 2 Cor.10:3-5

Film executive Micheal Flaherty, now 40, was first an educator who designed a program that dramatically increased the enrollment of minority students at elite Boston prep schools and co-founded a successful charter school.

After the Columbine tragedy of 1999, Flaherty noted that while Cassie Bernall and Rachel Scott loved wholesome films, the gunmen preferred dark flicks like Natural Born Killers. This inspired him to transition professionally to Hollywood to make movies that would positively influence youth.

He contacted his old college roommate Cary Granat, then president of Dimension Films. Granat caught Flaherty’s vision and they co-founded Walden Media.

Most of Walden’s films are adaptations of well-known novels. Flaherty hopes to provide librarians, teachers, pastors, and parents with resources for teaching kids positive, even biblical, values. In an industry skittish about portraying religious themes, Flaherty is bucking the trend. “We’re after great stories,” he says, “and a key element of a great story is faith.”

Walden’s credits include The Chronicles of Narnia megahits, plus adaptations of children’s classics such as Charlotte’s Web, and Amazing Grace, about the life of William Wilberforce. They are starting to give Hollywood a good name.

—Drew Dyck in Today’s Christian

My Response: I think Christians are known more for darkness-cursing than candle-lighting because …

Thought to Apply: Better to light a one small candle than to curse the darkness. —Chinese proverb

Adapted from Today’s Christian (3-4/07).

Prayer for the Week: Since you’ve called me to be salt and light, I’m not free to just blend in. Empower me to make a positive impact where you’ve placed me.



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