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Rated Trustworthy – Taking Stock

integrityWho Said It … Michael Zigarelli

Michael Zigarelli is dean of Regent University’s School of Business. Back in 2000-2001 he was named the university’s professor of the year.

While Mike holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in employee management, he has also studied theology, so management and law are fused with ethics and practical theology in his teaching and writing.

His most recent books are Influencing Like Jesus and The Christian on Monday Morning. Mike and his wife Tara live in Virginia with their four children.

What He Said … Taking Stock

I had a dentist who told me during one of those monologues-to-the-mute that he’d gotten insider information on a new, top-secret technology that a dental company was about to roll out. Based on that tip (an illegal tip, mind you, and he knew it), he bought lots of stock in that company, netting him “a 1,000-percent profit” of about 30 grand. “Not bad for a week’s work!” he chuckled to his captive audience.

After regaling me with his market killing and completing his tooth filling, he made a sales pitch for me to bring my four kids to see him. Sure, I’ll sign them right up! I thought, amused at how someone so smart could be so dumb. You do illegal things and then brag about them, and I should trust you with my kids?

His 1,000-percent profit story culminated in 0 percent influence with me. People filter our words through our behavior. Efforts to persuade will get us nowhere unless we’re becoming the type of person others will follow.

Adapted from Influencing Like Jesus (B&H Publishing, 2008)

Prayer for the Week: Please give me the boldness, Lord, to demonstrate Your righteousness where You’ve placed me.



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