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Walk Away from Worry – The Respectable Sin

trusting-in-godKey Bible Verse: But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will he clothe you—you of little faith! Luke 12:28

Bonus Reading: Psalm 35:1-10

The main reason we worry is that we want to control our own lives rather than trusting God to take care of the future. That’s behaving like pagans. When you worry, you’re saying, “I don’t believe God will do what he promised to do.” Worry calls God a liar.

  1. God says, “I’ll provide your every need while you’re here on this earth.” Worry says, “I’m not sure he will come through.”
  2. God says, “When you have problems, I’ll make sure you can cope. I won’t give you more temptation than you can bear.” Worry says, “No way. I won’t be able to deal with this.”
  3. God says, “Trust me. In the end all things work together for your good.” Worry says, “I don’t see how any good can come out of this.”
  4. God says, “When the time comes for you to die, I’ll take you to be with me.” Worry says, “I’m afraid to die, because I’m not sure what will happen to me.”

Oswald Chambers said that worry is “infidelity” because we’re conveying that we don’t believe God looks after the details of our lives. Disobeying God’s command not to worry may be a “respectable” sin among Christians; it’s still a sin.

—Bob Russell in Jesus, Lord of Your Personality

My Response: The promise from God that worry keeps me from believing is …

Thought to Apply: Worry is putting question marks where God has put periods. —John R. Rice (evangelist)

Adapted from Jesus, Lord of Your Personality (Howard, 2002)

Prayer for the Week: You’ve told me, God, to give You my worries because You care about me. Help me hand them over.



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