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Walk Away from Worry – Weed Control

trusting-in-godKey Bible Verse: You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, whose thoughts are fixed on you!  – Isaiah 26:3

Bonus Reading: Philippians 4:8-9

In some parts of my lawn, the grass is thick and green. In other areas, it’s sparse and dry. There are even a few places where the grass is missing entirely.

When I mow the lawn, I notice that where the grass is healthy, there are no weeds. Where the lawn is sparse, there are a few. Where there’s no grass, the weeds flourish.

Every time I notice the weedy spots, I think, I really need to pull those things. So I do, but within a few weeks they’re back—and I’m pulling them again. One day it hit me: I don’t have to pull weeds where the grass is thick. Instead of spending all my time pulling weeds, maybe I needed to invest time making the grass as healthy as possible. The more grass I had, the fewer weeds I’d have to pull.

The same applies to worry. Worry is like the weeds. God’s peace is the grass. Instead of just focusing on eliminating my worries, I needed to cultivate God’s peace.

Just as I care for my lawn by providing water, nutrients, and insect control, I can care for my mind by providing the right thoughts. Reading [today’s Bonus Reading] is like reading the ingredient list on a bag of grass seed. It tells me exactly which thoughts to plant to grow a peaceful mind.

—Mike Bechtle in Discipleship Journal

My Response: To focus my thinking on God and what is good and pure, I need to …

Thought to Apply: I’ve learned that worship and worry cannot live in the same heart. —Ruth Bell Graham (wife of the evangelist)

Adapted from Discipleship Journal (11-12/03)

Prayer for the Week: You’ve told me, God, to give You my worries because You care about me. Help me hand them over.



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