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Walk Away from Worry – Racing in Neutral

trusting-in-godKey Bible Verse: “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?  Of course not.” Matthew 6:27

Bonus Reading: John 14:27

For you, is worry just an occasional nervousness that takes the joy out of the day? Or is it chest pains, insomnia, or daily medication? Whether your worries are mild or chronic, Jesus Christ wants to free you of them. He wants your personality to be transformed from panic to peace.

Let’s distinguish between legitimate concern and worry. Concern focuses on probable difficulties and produces action to alleviate stress. Are you nervous about the upcoming test? Then study! Are you concerned about your finances? Put yourself on a budget. Are you anxious about your health? Go to a doctor and follow his counsel.

Worry, on the other hand, focuses on improbable difficulties or circumstances you can’t control or change. You studied for the test, but you worry, What if I forget everything? What if I fail? Your finances are in order, but you worry, What if the car breaks down? What if I get laid off? You’re in good health, but you still worry, What if I get cancer? What if I’m in an accident?

Worry is like racing your engine when the car’s in neutral. You’re wasting gasoline, putting unnecessary stress on the motor, and making no progress. That kind of unproductive behavior is what Jesus wants us to avoid.

—Bob Russell in Jesus, Lord of Your Personality

My Response: One of my genuine concerns is ____. One of my biggest worries is ____.

Adapted from Jesus, Lord of Your Personality (Howard, 2002)

Prayer for the Week: You’ve told me, God, to give You my worries because You care about me. Help me hand them over.


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