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FAQs: Communion

communion-2How often do United Methodists take communion?

Each local United Methodist church determines how often to serve communion. Read More

I am not a member of The United Methodist Church.  Can I still receive communion?

The table of Holy Communion is Christ’s table, not the table of The United Methodist Church or of the local congregation. The table is open to anyone who seeks to… Read More

Do United Methodists believe the communion elements actually become the body and blood of Christ?

Learn more about communion. Read More

May a person who has not been baptized participate in Holy Communion?

Yes, our church does not seek to close God’s Table, although the historic and normal Christian order of the sacraments is baptism first – as birth into the family -… Read More

Can children take communion?

In The United Methodist Church, children are welcome to receive communion. Parents may decide when their child should begin receiving communion. Read More

Why do most Methodist churches serve grape juice instead of wine for Holy Communion?

Grape juice or wine? Read More

Who can assist the pastor in communion?

Communion is one of the responsibilities and duties of a pastor. The pastor may “train deacons and lay members to serve the consecrated communion elements.” Read More

I am allergic to wheat.  Will I be able to take communion?

Will I be able to take communion if I have a wheat allergy? Read More

I am concerned about the risk of infection and hygiene issues during communion.

What should you do? Read More

Should we use unleavened bread for communion?

Either leavened or unleavened bread is acceptable. Read More

What is an Agape Meal?

The Agape Meal, or Love Feast, is a Christian fellowship meal that is often practiced in Covenant Discipleship groups or other small groups. Read More

What is the United Methodist view of online Communion?


A team of pastors, church leaders and theologians share background on Holy Communion and perspectives about offering the sacrament online. Read More




Ask the UMC: Why say “the body of Christ, broken for you”?

As we give the bread we have broken at the Great Thanksgiving as Jesus did at the Last Supper, we also say the words Jesus said. Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications. Cropped from original.

Learn the two reasons those words are spoken at communion. Read More




United Methodist sacraments, rites and rituals

Some chuEpiscopalians and United Methodists share Communion at the U.S. National Cathedral. Photo Melissa Lauber, courtesy the Baltimore-Washington Conference.rches recognize 7 sacraments; United Methodists only 2. This series of articles explores each of these important acts in the life of a Christian. More



Book of Resolutions: This Holy Mystery

C0mmunion bread at a meeting of the Connectional Table in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Diane Degnan.

Read more  about United Methodist teachings on the sacrament of Holy Communion. More





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