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Tried and True – Courage Where It Counts

christian-lifeKey Bible Verse: Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.  – James 4:17

Bonus Reading: Luke 12:42-47

The problem with looking to Hollywood for the image of masculinity (even those true-to-life stories of courage) is that it feeds my desire for glory. Courage isn’t only in the big accomplishments. It’s in the small acts too.

When I leave the theater and scratch the car door next to me getting into my car, my decision about whether or not to leave a note admitting my mistake isn’t glorious. Nobody will make a movie about my choice. I can hide if I choose to. But situations like this shape our courage and virtue.

Or imagine leaving the theater and returning home to a wife who is sexually unresponsive. Or perpetually angry. Or domineering. Or unkempt. The temptation to find release and fulfillment elsewhere can be overwhelming. Escape promises what reality can’t provide. Our response in that moment can be just as courageous as what we do when we decide to protect a fallen pilot or storm a cockpit.

Courage is visiting our moms and dads and caring for them as they grow older instead of abandoning them to others’ care. Courage is integrity in business when no one else sees it, or keeping my promise when I’d rather do anything else. Hollywood doesn’t make movies about this true masculine courage.

—Mike Erre in Why Guys Need God

My Response: Although no one will see, I need to practice integrity by …

Thought to Apply: When faithfulness is most difficult, it is most necessary. —source unknown

Adapted from Why Guys Need God (Harvest, 2008)

Prayer for the Week: Ask God for the resolve and discipline to be consistently faithful with routine matters in ordinary times.



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