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Tried and True – Little Symptoms, Big Problems

christian-lifeKey Bible Verse: Those who … keep their promises even when it hurts… . Such people will stand firm forever. Psalm 15:4-5

Bonus Reading: Psalm 15:1-5

I was upset the Wednesday before our game against the Raiders, but not about our losing streak. Two players had missed personal appearances. Errict Rhett was 30 minutes late for a car dealership autograph session.

Regan Upshaw missed a fourth-grade class visit, rescheduled after missing his first appointment! I’d just read a letter from that teacher. She’d explained Regan’s first absence as a misunderstanding. Now, reading about the class’s disappointment when he didn’t show up the second time, I was beside myself.

I began the team meeting by telling the guys we weren’t going to talk football. Instead, I related the incidents involving Rhett and Upshaw. “Forget the Raiders,” I told them; “we need to focus on us—our own accountability. Obviously your word isn’t important to you if it doesn’t involve football. But we’ll never win consistently until you ditch that attitude.”

Errict and Regan weren’t the disease, I told the team, but symptoms. Too many of our guys were unwilling to give 100 percent if they didn’t think it was important. “Champions know it’s all important,” I said. “Knowing I can count on you is just as important to me as your talent. Finding excuses for not doing what you’re supposed to do is what creates a losing environment.”

—Tony Dungy in Quiet Strength

My Response: What “off-the-field” area in my life needs shaping up?

Thought to Apply: Privilege accepted should be responsibility accepted—Madeleine L’Engle (author)

Adapted from Quiet Strength (Tyndale, 2007)

Prayer for the Week: Ask God for the resolve and discipline to be consistently faithful with routine matters in ordinary times.



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