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Front-Yard Fence and Shed Project Completed!

Central - Front-Yard Shed 1 - 8-8-2016

Our band of hard-working Trustees has finished assembling and installing a new storage shed in our new fenced-in area on the Church’s front lawn. 

Our new shed is intended to store supplies and materials (such as a snow shovel, bags of salt, buckets) for use by folks from the community who are not affiliated with Central Church who are hired to help with shoveling snow or cutting the grass.

 Central - Front-Yard Shed 2 - 8-8-2016

The shed can accept a padlock, so we can secure the supplies and give a padlock key (instead of a key to the entire Church) to non-member workers and still protect the supplies stored in the shed from any acquisitive passers-by.




Central - Front-Yard Shed 3 - 8-8-2016The shed fits sideways at the top of the fenced-in area next to the Church and can be accessed from the side gate to the enclosure while still leaving enough room for others to enter the enclosure from the side gate or the front gate.

The Trustees specifically selected a shed with a restricted height so it would not be visible from outside the fence or from the side with our neighbor’s hedge, and they mounted a new LED floodlight in the enclosure at the perfect height so the light would flood the entire enclosure over the shed without shining over the fence or the hedge.

The shed has a retractable roof that slides back half its length, as well as two doors on its front face to enable access to all of the shed’s contents without stooping or crawling.

Our thanks to our dedicated trustees for their continuing work to both maintain and improve our Church building and grounds!








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