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Escape and Evasion – Survival Instinct

Avoiding TemptationKey Bible Verse: She came and grabbed him … Joseph tore himself away … and ran from the house. Genesis 39:12

Bonus Reading: Genesis 39:6-19

When a big buck hears a noise he’s not familiar with, he doesn’t wait to check it out. He bolts. Automatically. He does not need to understand it. He immediately associates it with danger and he’s outta there!

Let’s say you’re just surfing the internet and you misspell the name of a website for power tools. What appears before your eyes next is not a nail gun but a naked woman. See, porn sites do that to you. They’re set up with fake domain names so that men can accidentally wind up there and get drawn in.

Okay, here you are, faced with a situation. How are you going to respond? The key to success here is being prepared. And the time to prepare is not when your heart is beating fast with temptation. It’s before the battle ever begins, when you’re levelheaded and unemotional. It’s then that you make a covenant with yourself and God that if by chance you should encounter a porn site, you’ll back out.

No hesitation. No long looks. Immediately!

If you’re not prepared, you may give in, because you waited until the attack to make a rational decision. And you can’t be rational when you’re being bombarded with all of Satan’s arsenal. You must be instinctive.

—Jimmy Sites in Into the High Country

My Response: Have I predetermined my reflexive response when temptation strikes?

Thought to Apply: If you don’t make up your mind, your unmade mind will unmake you.—E. Stanley Jones

Adapted from Into the High Country (Broadman & Holman, 2006)

Prayer for the Week: Lord, our culture preys on my vulnerabilities. I need Your strength to stand tall and true.



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