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Weed Out Worry – Distrustful Thoughts

Peace of MindKey Bible Verse: Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall. Psalm 55:22

Bonus Reading: Isaiah 8:11-13

One morning as I fretted about an important decision in my life, I took a walk to clear my head. Across a park lawn, I saw a beautiful golden retriever frolicking alongside his loving master.

Oh, I mused, to be as carefree as that dog, to play and run freely, knowing that your master will provide for all your needs.

Even as I thought this, I sensed God’s voice respond to my heart. “Don’t you know that I’m your faithful Master? Don’t you believe that I care for you more than any earthly master could ever care for his dog? You, too, can run free of worry? I’m the good Master. Trust in Me.”

When we worry, we’ve unthinkingly questioned God’s wisdom (that He knows what’s best), His love and goodness (that He cares for us and wants what’s best), and His sovereignty (that He’s able to do what’s best).

I recalled a cowering stray dog a friend of mine had found. Even after she adopted it, the dog trembled each time someone reached to pet it. My friend believes the dog was probably abused by its former owner. When I allow my heart to tremble in anxiety, am I communicating to others that my Master is uncaring and unfaithful?

—Stacey Padrick in Discipleship Journal

My Response: Could my anxiety stem from unbelief or doubt in God’s character?

Thought to Apply: Those who fear God face life fearlessly. Those who do not fear God end up fearing everything.—Richard Halverson (former U.S. Senate chaplain)

Adapted from Discipleship Journal (7-8/00)

Prayer for the Week: You are my hiding place.


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