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Our Role in Evangelism

Church Organist 2Sometimes I need to be reminded that as Christians seeking to expand the Kingdom of God in this world, our role is in Marketing, not Management, and that roll out and details of God’s divine plan are not subject to our knowledge or control.

I’ve served as the Organist at Central Church for more than 40 years, and we have a temperamental, old pipe organ that requires ample measures of tender, loving care, as well as the occasional fine adjustment with a sledgehammer.

Saturday nights are reserved for conducting a quick confirmation of the condition of the organ so any last-minute adjustments can be made before the Sunday worship service.  That’s also the time that one of our recovery groups meets in the Fellowship Hall, so I usually try to wrap-up my weekly review upstairs in the Sanctuary while their advance guard is downstairs putting the coffee on to brew an hour or so before everyone arrives.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know some of the fellows who come early to set-up for the meeting, and I’ve invited one older gentleman in particular more than a few times to join us for Sunday worship.  He’s never taken me up on my invitations, but I continue to make them.

Last Saturday, after the organ review was completed, I moved over to the piano for a quick run-through of the Choir anthem.  It was a beautiful arrangement that incorporated two old hymns, and, while I was playing, I heard the staircase creak.  A few moments later, I saw the Sanctuary door quietly open out of the corner of my eye, and that older gentleman slowly made his way down the ramp into the Sanctuary, stopping behind me.

Thinking that the combination of my repeated invitations and the heartstring tug of the old hymns had finally had an effect, I worked through the rest of the anthem with gusto.

With the final chord still echoing through the Sanctuary, I felt the gentleman’s hand on my shoulder.  I turned on the bench to look up into the old man’s eyes, listening for the words that I had waited to hear from him for so long, when he said to me in a soft voice……

“The Men’s Room’s out of paper towels.”





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