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God’s Love Demonstrated – Art Appreciation

CompassionKey Bible Verse: He died for everyone so that those who receive his new life will no longer live to please themselves. 2 Corinthians 5:15

Bonus Reading: Mark 10:42-44

Art Clark’s party was in full swing.  At least 200 people milled about, each trying to get close enough to shake his hand.  This loving man who’d brought great joy into his work was set to retire.

As I watched Art, I tried to imagine Jesus as a retiree.  What would His party have looked like?  Just like this, I thought.  Art and Jesus are a lot alike—God’s “gracious messengers of impossible love.”

I surveyed the room.  We were a hodgepodge of students and staff, young and old, children and grandparents, colleagues and neighbors, friends and family.  But different as we were, we were alike in the most important respect: we all loved Art.

Then, I shared a story about the end of a cold February workday.  I’d set out for my car through fading daylight and blowing snow.  Head down, I stepped off the drifting sidewalk, surprised to discover a cleared path ahead of me.  Someone had used a snow blower to lead me to my car.  Who did this? I wondered.

At that moment, I heard Art’s horn push through the wind.  Looking up, I watched his truck lights fading into the night, his outstretched gloved hand waving a farewell.  Impossible love?  Not for Jesus, or Art Clark.

—Clifford Denay Jr.

My Response: Someone I know whose joy in serving gladdens others is ____.

Thought to Apply: God does not so much need people to do extraordinary things as he needs people who do ordinary things extraordinarily well.—William Barclay

Prayer for the Week: Lord, please motivate me to reflect Your compassionate heart to hurting people around me.


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