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How God’s Word Works – Bible Boycott

Bible 2Who Said It…Kevin Harney

Kevin Harney is the teaching pastor at Corinth Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He and his wife, Sherry, have three teenage boys: Zach, Josh, and Nate.

In the summer Kevin enjoys golfing and in the winter he loves to snowboard.

In his book Seismic Shifts, Kevin has written about “the little changes that make a big difference in your life.” He’s co-authored an Old Testament curriculum and, with Sherry, written or co-written many small group study guides.

What He Said…Bible Boycott

Bill had grown up in a home with no faith but met Jesus and became a new man. He fell in love with the Bible, read it every day, and gave his best effort to following what it taught. Then one day he put down his Bible and refused to read anymore.

When a Christian friend asked him why, he was honest. He said, “I really like reading the Bible, but when I read it, it keeps pointing out things I’m doing that I shouldn’t do. Or sometimes it tells me to start doing things I don’t think I really want to do. I started feeling uncomfortable, even a little guilty, so I thought I’d stop reading.”

Bill’s response is sad because he gave up reading the Bible, at least for a time. But it’s refreshing because Bill said what many people feel but rarely articulate.

He didn’t complain that the Bible was unclear or ambiguous. He admitted that his problem was that the words of Scripture cut like a knife and revealed things he didn’t want to see.

Adapted from Seismic Shifts (Zondervan, 2005)

Prayer for the Week: Lord, give me a fresh grasp of Your truth as I open myself to Your Word.


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