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Websites that explain what it means to grow as a Christian and how to do it


Ten Action Steps for a New Christian

A simple, yet vitally important list of the actions important for a new Christian, with clear explanations.

Christian Research Institute

I’m listing this website again because it is also one of the best resources for Christian growth. This is the website of the Christian Research Institute and Hank Hanegraff, the Bible Answer Man. It has many resources that answer questions about the Christian faith and other religions in-depth. Excellent books and resources are also available on the site. You can also listen to the Bible Answerman radio program from the site. I highly recommend this program for anyone exploring the Christian and for the Christian who wants to grow in their ability to answer questions about the faith. If you need solid assurance that the Bible can be trusted or any questions about false teachers, this site will help you.

The Blue Letter Bible

A classic site of free Bible study tools: commentaries, maps, all sorts of study guides. This is wonderful resource for personal Bible study. From individual verses you can click on concordance and commentaries related to the verse.

Our Daily Bread

A wonderful daily devotional for both new and more mature Christians.

Radio Bible Class Ministries

There are a wealth of resources on this site for growing in your Christian life. There are Bible reading plans, articles on finding a church, answers to many questions people have about the Christian faith.

Into Thy Word,,34418,00.html

A wonderful site that will teach you how to study the Bible, lots of great Bible study articles, fantastic links on their Bible Study Tools page, lots of great information. Highly recommended.

A very fun site and educational site. This site contains the links to many Christian radio stations. You can listen to your favorite radio preachers live here and can download messages.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

This site contains the digital copies of many of the great classics of the Christian faith. It also has online book study groups and lots of other resources for in-depth, Christian study.

The Bible Gateway

Look up any version of the Bible, in many languages and copy and paste it into your studies or to read later. Also has a link to audio Bibles, commentaries, and on this site you can sign up for a variety of devotional newsletters.

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