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Playing for Keeps – Aiming High

EvangelismKey Bible Verse: By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.  – Ephesians 3:20

Bonus Reading:  Romans 15:15-22

We sent two teams to India. They drove the whole way in old trucks and encountered all kinds of problems getting there. Feeling responsible, I flew to India to see how things were going. I traveled around on the train, always evangelizing and giving out tracts. I was blown away by the needs of the Indian people. I said to my wife, “We’re moving to India.”

We moved to Bombay. The people were drawn to our radical message about discipleship, forsaking all, world missions, and prayer. We partnered with the church in India, our work exploded, and I got kicked out of the country. So we moved to Katmandu, Nepal, because there the people of India could come to us without a visa.

Driving old trucks back and forth across Europe and Asia wasn’t working well. As I prayed about this and looked at the globe, I was struck with how much water there is on the earth’s surface. Then it came to me. We need a ship!

Six long years later, our first ship, the 2,319–ton Logos I, set sail from England to India. Later, we acquired a second, larger ship (the Doulos), and they became floating bookstores and literature centers, as well as launching pads for short–term missions.

—George Verwer in Amazing Faith

My Response: What could I ask God to achieve through me?

Thought to Apply: There are grave difficulties on every hand—therefore we must go forward. —William Carey

Adapted from Amazing Faith (Moody, 2003)

Prayer for the Week: Lord, I want to fully follow You, even when it’s controversial or risky. Please give me the grit it takes.

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