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No Tax, No Blessing

Form 1040The remaining days to complete your U.S. federal income tax return are slipping away as we approach the April 15 filing deadline.

  • With taxes near the front of your mind, how would you like to live in a country where an official Church Tax is collected by the government and distributed to your local Church?

In Germany, Catholics, Protestants, and Jews pay a surcharge of up to 9 percent on their income tax bills – or about Euro 56 (US$72) a month for a single person earning a pre-tax monthly salary of about Euro 3,500 (or US$4,500).

In fact, the road to heaven is paved with more than good intentions for Germany’s 24 million Catholics.  If they don’t pay their religious taxes, they will be denied sacraments, including weddings, baptisms, and funerals.

Similar Church Taxes are imposed in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, some parts of Switzerland, and several other countries.

What do you think? 

  • Offering Plate 2Would you prefer the government to take  a central role in making sure you pay at least a substantial part of tithe to your Church? 
  • What are the faith-related risks of living in countries like the United States where you can ignore the requirement to tithe and give as little as you like without earthly accountability?

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