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Lenten Devotional – Day 12

Lent 3Take a moment for an internal inventory of your life and heart.  This week we have reflected on the values of the rich young ruler and the perfection of Christ.

Which of your default settings have come into play?  If specific names of emotions come up with an item, write them down.  For the moment, resist any instinct to try and solve or justify anything related to these default settings.

When we choose to rebel against God – trying to find life or comfort in anything other than Him we grieve His heart.  As we grow closer to Him, our heart will grieve over our choices as well.  It is appropriate to be sad over our sin, like the young man in Matthew 19.

However, in that grief we have a choice to make.  That choice will turn us in one of two directions.  We can choose to leave our lesser god and move toward Jesus in our need.  Or we can operate on our default setting – rebellion against God and pursue life from the deadened things around us.

Consider ending your time today in a prayer of surrender.  Maybe it could say something like this:

Lord, I am often like the rich young ruler in Matthew. I confess my rebellion and allegiance to ____________ . I recognize that the hold this idol has in my life robs you of glory and it robs me of the freedom and grace you offer.

Lord, your character is unchanging. You are holy, without blame, expectant of all my allegiance. When you require everything to be surrendered to you it is because you are worthy of the sacrifice. Help me to have a high view of you. I confess my need for you and choose to live this moment in light of your strength of character.

In my times of great need – when I’ve experienced failure and shame, help me to move toward you. By claiming your mercy I choose to leave behind the dead idols I’ve worshiped for too long.

I crave a life lived to the fullest, Lord. Help me to live in light of the eternal freedom you offer. Holy Spirit, give me eyes to see the temporary shortcuts I run to for the counterfeit idols that they are. Help me to redirect my dependence to you – trusting your strength and grace to lead me.

Only you satisfy Lord. Thank you that you have made it so.


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