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Lenten Devotional – Day 6

Lent 3I once had a pastor explain about our sin nature in terms of computer settings.  He said that as humans born after the events recorded in Genesis 3, our default setting toward God is rebellion.  I want my own way.

When I try to “do” better in the name of being a better Christian, I’m merely overriding the default setting for the moment.  But, after some time, that gets exhausting and I give in.  I revert back to my default setting.

So in order to look more like Jesus and wear His name well, I must somehow un-choose my default setting.  I must learn to call out my sinful actions, inactions, motivations, beliefs, grudges or prideful thoughts and then choose to identify myself with Christ.  He is to be my identity.

His grace.

His love.

His patience.

His words of truth.

His motivations toward others.

I call myself a Christian – a follower of Jesus Christ.  In that I am telling the world that I desire to be like Him.  Today is an opportunity to more fully choose His Holiness rather than default settings of my sinful nature.

Take a moment to do a mental inventory.

Think about a few of your default settings.  If specific names of emotions come up with an item, write them down.

Now, don’t try to solve anything.  Don’t make a plan for change.  Don’t mentally explain those things away.

Instead, consider Christ’s character.  List something that is true about Him.  

This list has nothing to do with you.  It’s all about what He brings to the table.

Consider ending your time today by offering a prayer of thanks.  Maybe something like this:


You are sufficient.  Your work is finished.  You see the default settings of my heart.  You know the spidery webs that go out from each of these acts ________ of rebellion and yet you choose to offer me your love and grace.

Savior, I want to look and love more like you.  I want my life to glorify you in observable ways and in the private thoughts and attitudes of my heart.

In moments of decision help me call sin what it is- rebellion against You.  In those moments help me to see the righteous path you offer.  Give me the courage to choose your grace and your response.

Take control over the settings of my heart and make me the kind of person you want me to be.  


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