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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Christian HalloweenYes, but not like an unbeliever with dark and demonic symbols. Christians can truly celebrate believers who l1ave died, for we know that death has been swallowed up in victory(1 Cor. 15:54)

And, though our bodies die, our spirits dwell with Christ (Phil. 1:23) until he returns to earth to make all things new(2 Pet. 3:13) and to clothe us with glorious bodies (Phil. 3:20- 21).

What a message of hope! So, though we mourn the loss of our loved ones, we do not grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope”(1 Thess. 4:13).

In light of the history of Halloween, here are some ideas for celebrating:


  •  Remembering Heroes of the Faith:


        Read stories about Christians who have demonstrated exceptional faith and courage. These stories inspire us to “live up to what we have already attainedin Christ (Phil. 3:16).


     Encourage children to dress up like a hero of the faith.  Costume choices can represent virtually every time period, every geographic area, and a wide variety of professions (even princesses and warriors).


  •  Remembering Our Loved Ones:


        The Reformation emphasized that all believers are saints and citizens of heaven (see Phil. 3:20); the destination of our loved ones who died in Christ is the same as that of the heroes of the faith.”  Remembering our loved ones connects our hearts to heaven in a more intimate way.


       Explore the Scriptures to learn what they teach about the afterlife.   Reflect on what your loved ones might be experiencing in heaven, and acknowledge your longing to be reunited under the perfect lordship of Jesus.


  •  Remembering the Lost:


          “There is a desperate need for light in our dark world, and the Bible says we are to “shine like stars in the universe as you hold firmly to the word of life” to those who are perishing (Philippians 2:15-16).


       Many aspects of Halloween are natural starting points for spiritual conversations:  Why do you think Halloween is such a dark’ holiday?”  Do you believe in ghosts?”  “Are you afraid of death?” Pray for opportunities to ask questions like these-that they may open a door to share the gospel!

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