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Let There Be…….Video!

Central - New Choir Loft Video Monitor 2 - 10-2-2013Our experiment with video in our worship service continues!

Now that the Choir is back in the Choir Loft after their well-deserved summer recess, we’ve had to move our new large screen from the Choir Loft to the South side of the front of the Sanctuary.  While that’s a good location for those sitting in the Sanctuary, our folks in the Choir Loft couldn’t see the screen.

That is, until Pastor Heidi donated an ultrasharp, 19″ flat panel monitor for the Choir.  After more than a week of crawling around in the catacombs-like crawl space under the Sanctuary, video feed and power lines have been extended into the Choir Loft and the new monitor has been positioned so our choir members can “get the picture” as well as hear the sound when we use videos in worship.

The new system was tested today – in case our neighbors are wondering why the half-time show from Slippery Rock University’s Marching Pride band was emanating from the Sanctuary.  (After all, we had to test it!)

Our thanks to Pastor Heidi for her generous donation, and to our Trustees for taking on the role of coal miners to put the necessary wiring in place!

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