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“Throwing Out the Rules” – New Bible Study

A neGalatiansw Bible study of Galatians by Jack Kuhatschek explores Paul’s letter to the Galatians where you will discover the true source of acceptance—Jesus Christ—and what your acceptance in God’s eyes means for your daily life.

Here’s a sample of what Jack writes:

Several years after I started following Christ, my Christian walk began to feel burdensome.  It seemed that my life had been reduced to a list of rules to follow.

Do spend extra time with other Christians; don’t engage in too many secular activities.
Do plan to share your faith; don’t ever miss an opportunity.
Do listen to Christian music; don’t be caught listening to that other radio station.

So when I read Galatians 5:1—”It is for freedom that Christ has set us free”—God breathed new life into my relationship with him.  While the rules running through my mind weren’t necessarily bad, they bordered on Pharisee-like behavior.  And that’s not how God calls us to live.

Discover more from the Book of Galatians in this 11-session study from IVP.

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