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Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

91 years of lifeWho Said It … Mike Ashcraft

Mike Ashcraft pastors Port City Community Church in Wilmington, North Carolina.  He is the coauthor of My One Word—the source of this week’s readings.  Mike married his high school sweetheart, Julie, and they have two daughters.  He enjoys running, rocking on his front porch, surfing, and reading.  Check out Mike’s blog at

What he Said … Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

The self-help section of my local library sits right next to the spirituality section.  I notice more people browse the self-help shelves.

Self-help is a popular idea that implies we can become whatever we want to become—without help from anyone.  This speaks to the essence of what we long for: to be the self-made man.

But this desire for self-sufficiency isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Case in point: it helped pave the way for sin to enter the world.  The lure of knowing all God knows drew Eve into wrong thinking.  Dependence on her Creator seemed limiting, not freeing.

Lest you think I’m throwing Eve under the bus, we all follow in her footsteps seeking knowledge that will empower us apart from God.  We relegate him to certain times and spaces in our lives, insisting on handling the rest by ourselves.  We fail to realize that building a life apart from God would mean, well, a life apart from God.

Key Study Passage: Galations 3: 1-5

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