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Street Smarts

Street SmartsLife is a journey, and the end of it all is not just a place but also a condition.  We are becoming the end of our journey, wise or foolish, and every moment takes us closer there.

God cares about that.  The Bible is the voice of God inviting us into his eternal life.  During the Old Testament era God standardized his speaking to us in three ways.  The priests taught his law, the prophets declared his word, and the sages or wise men gave his counsel.

Both the commands of the law and the thundering of the prophets spread out before us the gigantic truths of God that make sense of everything.  But we need more.  We live day by day in a world where “there are details of character small enough to escape the mesh of the law and the broadsides of the prophets, and yet decisive in personal dealings” (Derek Kidner in The Proverbs: An Introduction and Commentary).

So God gave us more than the law and the prophets.  He also gave us wise counsel through inspired writings like we find in Proverbs.

Key Study Passage:   Proverbs 2


Father of wisdom, please instruct me with your wise counsel; teach me to value your wisdom as the rich treasure that it is.


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