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Blessing Nights

Prayer Walk

The Beaver Falls community’s annual “Blessing Night” prayer walks based upon Jeremiah 29: 5-7 begin on Sunday, June 23 and continue through October.  The walks begin at 6 pm with Scripture readings and prayer for Beaver Falls.

Those who desire may join in prayer walking the surrounding neighborhood of the host Church or housing site, while others remain in the Church or housing center to pray.  If you cannot attend, please take a moment those nights to remember each segment of our community in prayer.

Here is the Summer Prayer Walk Schedule for this summer:

  • Sunday, June 23            City Hall
  • Sunday, July 7                Harmony Dwellings Community Center
  • Sunday, July 21              Christian Assembly Church
  • Sunday, August 4           Morado Dwellings Community Center
  • Sunday, August 18          College Hill United Methodist Church
  • Sunday, September 8     Pleasantview homes
  • Sunday, September 22   Ashes to Life Church
  • Sunday, October 6          Mount Washington Dwellings
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