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10 Popular Phone Apps for Christians


What are the best phone apps for Christians?  So you downloaded the YouVersion Bible, you’ve perused the app store, and you’re having a hard time figuring out which apps are worth the space on your phone?  Or, maybe you have a few apps that you like, but you’re always on the lookout for others.


According to a recent issue of Christian Media magazine, here are 10 apps that have drawn a lot of attention lately.  Not all of them are explicitly Christian, but even if they’re not, we’re sharing how we’re using them for spiritual purposes.


[Note: Devotional apps aren’t because there are just so many out there.]


1. Stitcher


iPhone / Android


Stitcher is a free podcasting radio app.  Gone are the days of having to load podcasts or sermons by syncing your iPhone.  Stitcher streams them for you.  All you have to do is choose which “stations” to follow and you’re able to stream them right from your phone.  The only problem is if you’re in a dead zone and have no cell coverage, you get nothing.  But that’s not Stitcher’s fault!




2. Fighter Verses


iPhone / Android


The Fighter Verses app gives you 3 years of Scripture verses to memorize, and there are all kinds of quizzes to help you in your quest.  There’s even one that records your voice as you recite the verse and then lets you check to see if you got the verse correct.  The Fighter Verse app does cost $2.99, but it’s well worth the price.

3. Prayer Notebook




This is a great, easy-to-use app for helping you keep up with the people you are praying for.  You can categorize your prayer list into friends, family, church, missions, answered, unanswered, etc. and you can schedule prayer requests to recur as often as you want them.  There is a free version and a paid version, but the free one is limited to 5 prayers.

4. Postagram


iPhone / Android


There’s nothing spiritual about the free Postagram app, per se.  But, you can send encouraging postcards to your friends through it.  The way it works: You choose a picture from your camera roll, upload it to Postagram, add a message, and Postagram will create the postcard and mail it to the recipient for 99 cents.  They’re just a fun way to tell someone you’re thinking about them, praying for them or for sending them a verse of encouragement.

5. Overdrive


iPhone / Android


This free app allows you to download books from your public, school, or college library.  The cool part, though, is not that it’s an eReader, but it’s also an audio book reader.  So if you’re on a road trip or commuting to work, you can find your library (over 18,000 libraries use OverDrive), check out a title (you need a valid library card first), and listen to it while you drive.  While school libraries might not have Christian literature, public libraries often do.  What’s even better: You don’t have to worry about returning the title.  It expires at the end of the lending period.

6. Accordance




This comprehensive app offers you quite a bit of tools if you are a serious Bible scholar.  It includes the entire Bible in the English Standard Version, along with a Bible dictionary, Greek and Hebrew reference books, and more.  If you need help breaking down a verse or a passage and want a quick reference in the palm of your hand, it’s good stuff.  And, it’s free.  Have you priced just one Bible dictionary lately?




7. Four Spiritual Laws


iPhone / Android


Remember how we used to have those little rectangular booklets called, “tracts”?  Well now they come in app form.  It’s a free app, and a good thing to have as an option if you’re sharing Christ with someone.   Obviously, it’s not a necessity to share your faith, but being prepared and having it just in case never hurt a thing.

8. Jesus Film


iPhone / Android


If we’re seriously discussing the best phone apps for Christians, then we have to include the Jesus Film app.  Missionaries show this film in countries all around the world and introduce people to Jesus, but now they can just show it on their smartphone.  My, how far we’ve come from projectors and film reels. T his free app has the Jesus Film and several others translated into tons of languages.  Even if you’re not on the international mission field, it’s a great tool to have when you’re sharing the Gospel with people here at home, too.

9. Prayer Calendar by Voice of the Martyrs


iPhone / Android


We hear about the persecution of Believers that goes on around the world, but it’s very easy to remain insulated and not allow ourselves to be confronted by it.  This free Prayer Calendar from Voice of the Martyrs is an excellent way to force ourselves to not only be aware of what is going on, but to labor in prayer on behalf of our brothers and sisters around the globe.

10. YNAB (You Need a Budget)


iPhone / Android


When it comes to budgeting software, YNAB is the way to go.  Their mobile app aids in tracking your budgeting and syncs with the desktop client.  Let’s face it: You need mobility if you’re going to be serious about tracking your spending.  The YNAB app is $4.99, but there’s also a Lite version.  However, the Lite version only syncs with Dropbox, not the desktop client.  So, because of that, we think it’s worth shelling out the money.




Bonus: Church Signs




Occasionally there are decent church signs, but usually church signs just make us laugh or roll our eyes.  And now, you can have so many of them at your fingertips.  If you have high blood pressure, maybe this app isn’t for you.

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